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JOSS has policies to cover all aspects of the service.  The following brief summaries may be of particular interest.  For more information, full details of these and all of the other policies and procedures are available to view at any time at JOSS, or we can provide you with a copy on request.


JOSS aims to create an environment free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.   Our aim is to promote good behaviour and ensure that all children are provided with love and care, security, the freedom to make their own choices, a positive self image, suitable adults as role models, consistency in their treatment, boundaries to behaviour, as well as opportunities for self expression and opportunities for learning.  Good behaviour will be encouraged and praised, and children and young people will always be shown respect.  Individuality is encouraged and children are taught by example.

While negative behaviour, bullying or discrimination will always be challenged and responded to, children will never be subject to physical punishment, humiliation or labelled as ‘naughty’, and staff will endeavour never to raise their voices.

Our Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy, JOSS Rules, and Policy on Anti-Bullying give more details.

Walking Children to or from JOSS and Collection from School

Staff will walk children in a safe and orderly manner along the designated route to and from school.  Walkers and children are at a ratio of 1:8.  Parents are asked to remind children in the morning that it is a JOSS day for them.

Our Arriving, Departing and Security procedures give more details including the emergency procedure which will be put into operation should a child who has been booked not arrive at the designated collection point at the close of school.


In order to ensure that children remain safe, and to continue to promote free choice and movement within the premises, detailed procedures are in place to ensure that only authorised persons and parents or carers collecting children from JOSS enter the church during JOSS opening hours.  The main door will remain locked and parents are asked not to answer the door or allow their children to do so.  There are procedures to ensure that areas where adults who are not JOSS staff members and JOSS children could potentially meet are monitored.

Children must be signed out of the service by a designated adult.  The parent/carer who would normally come should advise when one of the other signatories is collecting a child.  Under NO circumstances will a child be allowed to leave JOSS unless with an authorised adult.

Regular fire drills are carried out throughout the year to ensure that all children at JOSS are well-versed in the evacuation procedure.

Full details are contained in our Fire Safety procedures.

Use of Mobile Phones

Children in P6 and P7 can bring their phones into JOSS and have devised their own set of rules regarding their use. Staff are instructed to put their phones on silent and refrain from making or receiving calls and text messages during working hours.

On the annual registration form parents are asked to give consent to their child’s photograph being taken for use in JOSS publications, on the website and for display within JOSS.  Staff members will take photographs on their own phones for these purposes and at 5.45pm each day they will send their photos via WhatsApp to the manager’s phone and then delete them from their own phones before they leave the building. The manager will then download the images to the JOSS laptop.

Child Protection

Through our staff training and partnerships with parents, JOSS promotes the safety and security of all children and ensures that they are free from exploitation and abuse.  Our child protection procedures meet Glasgow City Council’s guidance on child protection.


All children are welcome at JOSS.  We are committed to promoting equal opportunities and all children within our care will be treated with equal respect irrespective of class, ethnic origin, gender, race or religion.  We are also aware that some children have special educational needs and/or physical disabilities that require particular support and assistance.

The policies, procedures and practices of JOSS in relation to children with special educational needs and/or physical difficulties are consistent with current legislation and guidance.  These include the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001, Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and the Equality Act 2010.

JOSS believes that by identifying individual needs and taking proactive steps alongside parents/carers and other statutory professionals or agencies, all children should be able to play a full, active and equal part in JOSS activities.

Please see our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy for more details.


JOSS will offer play centred activities that offer children rich and stimulating experiences, alongside opportunities to explore, experiment, plan and most importantly, make decisions for themselves. The staff team will recognise and take into account the differing ages, interests, backgrounds and abilities of the children.

JOSS is committed to the National Play Strategy and Glasgow’s Play Strategy and is guided by the Play Principles. Further information is available from the staff team and in our Play Policy.


JOSS is committed to provide opportunities for users to express any concerns effectively and to value the opinions expressed.  We welcome your input, and any complaints or comments will be recorded, whether formally or informally made, and dealt with promptly and efficiently.  In the unlikely event that agreement cannot be reached we will provide access to an independent arbitrator.

We will supply the Care Inspectorate with information on the Service’s response to any complaints.

Users also have the right to complain to the Care Inspectorate at the following address:

Central West Region, 4th Floor, No 1 Smithhills Street, Paisley, PA1 1EB.

The Care Inspector for JOSS is Jacque Fee, who can be contacted at the above address or on 0141 843 4230. More information on the Care Inspectorate can be accessed at

Further details are available in the JOSS Complaints Policy document.